Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revenue terminology
Revenue is a very crucial subject attached to everybody’s life in direct or indirect way. It is general perception that reading and understanding the revenue documents is very tedious and complex task. However in actual it is very simple, but one has to clear some basic facts and terminology of revenue. The below mentioned terminology is mainly used in north india in one or other form.
Before understanding the revenue, first acquaint with unit of measurement
Unit of measurements:
In north india generally there are three types of unit of measurement of land. These are
1. Kanal marla system
2. Bigha Biswa system
3. Meter system
The third one is most common now and in new measurements and documentation it is used, the conversion of above two with 3rd one is as under:
Kanal marla System
1 Hectare = 10000 m2 = 2.5 Acres
1 Acre = 4000 m2 = 8 Kanal
1 Kanal = 500 m2 = 20 Marlas
1 Marla = 25 m2
Bigha Biswa system
1 Hectare = 10000 m2 = 2.5 Acres
1 Acre = 4000 m2 = 1.59 ~1.60 Bigha (Pukhta / Bada bigha)
1 Acre = 4000 m2 = 4.72 Bigha (Kachha/Chota bigha)
1 Bigha = 2529 m2 (pukhta) or 847 m2 (Chota)
In some areas one bigha is also considered for 800 m2 only.
In revenue documents there are mainly three types of records i.e. Jamabandi, Girdwari, Map (sajra or latha). In some area fard haquit is also issued. This is the consolidated document of total land holding of individual and present market rate is mentioned. Jamabandi reflect the total land ownership, its type, source of irrigation etc., however girdwari represent the cultivation pattern, crop growing of land etc, therefore girdwari is made in every crop season i.e. after 6 months however jamabandi is made after 4-5 years. Map represents the actual position of land with important land marks.
Revenue Terminology
1. Khewat number : The number of owner of the land
2. Khatoni Number : The number of possetioner/ cultivator of land
3. Khasra number : The number of measurement of area in jamabandi
4. Kita number : The Number mentioning the khasra number in jamabandi
5. Mutation/rapat : Any entry regarding sale purchase or transfer of land
6. Vassiat : transfer of land through will
7. Hiba : transfer of land through gift
8. Billa : Devoid of/without
9. Hadbast number : Number of revenue village boundary
10. Mushqueel/ Murrabha/ rectangle : comprise of 25 Acres/bighas
11. Lal Dora : The boundary of inhabited village, within which ownership of land is generally through possession only.
Type of land
1. Chahi : Irrigated through wells/tubewells
2. Nahri : Irrigated through Canals
3. Barani : Rainfed
4. Gair mumkin : Non cultivable
5. Abadi : Inhabited
6. Banjar : Not cultivated from four cropping seasons
Type of Possession
1. Khud Kast : Self cultivated
2. Gair Marusi : Unauthorised possessioner (Kache mujahire)
3. Gair Dakhildar : Unauthorised permanent possessioner (pakkee mujahire)
4. Rehan : mortgage with possession
5. Aadrehan : mortgage without possession
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  1. Very well done. U have explained it so nicely. I really needed to understand all this. Big thanks to u. Plz keep posting more such info under this revenue terminology topic in future.

  2. Very useful.But what is DAG no.Will you please explain.