Saturday, March 2, 2013

Revenue Area in Metric System

Revenue Area in Metric System

Now a days Government is emphasizing on the computerization of  revenue record. Almost all the states are doing it aggressively. In the first phase, the jamabandi is converted in electronic form and later on the map ( chajra/ tatima/ masabi/ latha) are also to be converted into electronic form through remote sensing.

The computerized jamabandi is also readily available in Sugam Centres or designated offices. It is proposed to make them available at LOK MITRA KENDRAs. This would be a great help to general public. 

In most of computerized record the area is mentioned in metric system instead of Kanal Marla or Bigha Biswa. The metric system is very easy to understand and to calculate. In a standard Jamabandi area is written in  Hectare. As we know one Hectare is equal to 10,000 sq. meter. So we can easily convert sq meters into Kanal Marla, Bigha Biswas or even in Sq feet

The format is written as 01-00-00 Hectare for area of one hectare. For area of 800 sq meter is written as 00-08-00 Hectare, similarly 25 square meter is written as 00-00-25 Hectare and so on. 

The conversion formulas are already posted in first post of blog. In Himachal (particulary in upper Himachal including Shimla, Solan, Sirmour, Kinnaur) etc the area  of one bigha is approximately 753 sq meter.

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  1. Is there any such unit as "hectare metre".And how it is related with canal and marla.